• Our Vision

    To enhance the effectiveness of the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training system in Ireland to ensure that the healthcare system is responsive to the changing healthcare needs of the population, to trainees and to the service delivery arrangements of the Irish health and social care system now and in the future.
  • Our Mission

    The Forum of Irish Postgraduate Medical Training bodies will support the alignment of medical education and training in partnership with other major stakeholders in promoting excellence in healthcare provision for the Irish population.
  • Our Members

    • College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland
    • College of Psychiatrists of Ireland
    • Faculty of Dentistry, RCSI
    • Faculty of Occupational Medicine, RCPI
    • Faculty of Paediatrics, RCPI
    • Faculty of Pathology, RCPI
    • Faculty of Public Health Medicine, RCPI
    • Faculty of Radiologists, RCSI
    • Faculty of Sports & Exercise Medicine, RCPI & RCSI
    • Institute of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, RCPI
    • Irish College of General Practitioners
    • Irish College of Ophthalmologists
    • Irish Committee for Emergency Medicine Training
    • Irish Committee on Higher Medical Training, RCPI
    • Irish Surgical Postgraduate Training Committee
    • Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
    • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

About The Forum

What is The Forum of Irish Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies

The Forum of Irish Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies (Forum) was established in December 2006 with the aim of supporting the postgraduate training bodies in maintaining the highest standards in Medical Education and Training in Ireland. The postgraduate training bodies, through the Forum, provide a key leadership role in the promotion of a common strategic policy with a shared vision and common goals for excellence in postgraduate medical education and training.

The focus of the Forum is on the training of doctors in high quality postgraduate medical programmes to meet service needs of the health service and specifically to:

  • Adapt and strengthen medical training to meet society’s health needs.
  • Support doctors throughout their education and entire professional career.
  • Advance specialty medical education and life-long learning.
  • Build the capacity, effectiveness and accountability of the postgraduate medical education and training programmes.