Committees & Working Groups

Forum & Forum Executive

The membership of the Forum comprises all the postgraduate medical training bodies and the Faculty of Dentistry. Each Training Body is invited to nominate two nominees, at the highest level, and an alternate. The Forum membership is sourced from the highest level from all of the Irish postgraduate medical training bodies and the Faculty of Dentistry. Each Training Body identifies two nominees and an alternate.

The Forum elects a Chairperson and Secretary from their members. Each constituent body of the Forum is entitled to one vote. The term of office is two years and is renewable. The Forum meets at least four times each calendar year.

There is also a Forum Executive which meets at least once between each Forum meeting. The Forum Executive comprises the Forum Chair, Forum Secretary and at least four Forum members. The Forum Executive supplements the role of the Forum proactively supporting ongoing work and giving strategic direction as appropriate. The Forum Executive reports to the Forum on a quarterly basis.

Forum Subcommittee on Professional Competence


Since May 2011, doctors are legally obliged to maintain their professional competence by enrolling in professional competence schemes and following requirements set by the Medical Council.

Schemes are operated by the postgraduate training bodies and have been developed to drive good professional practice which is centred on patient safety and the quality of patient care. Registered doctors on the Specialist and General Division of the Medical Register can participate in Professional Competence Schemes to fulfil their statutory duty.

The Medical Council is responsible for regulating Professional Competence and works collaboratively with the Forum of Irish Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies (Forum), the Training Bodies and employers to oversee the development and implementation of models Professional Competence within an agreed framework.

Forum Trainee Subcommittee

The broad remit of the Forum Trainee subcommittee is to promote greater involvement of Trainees in Forum activities, and to contribute towards continued improvements in the standards of postgraduate training in Ireland.

Specifically, the function of the Forum Trainee subcommittee is to:

  • Represent trainee opinion to the Forum
  • Provide a channel for communication between trainees and the Forum
  • Provide a forum for discussion of issues relevant to postgraduate medical trainees at a national level
  • To enhance dissemination of trainee information to trainees across all the postgraduate training bodies
  • To, when requested by Forum, provide representation on sub-committees and working parties

Remit & Objectives

  • Review the effectiveness of the current model of Professional Competence in Ireland Consider international models of Professional Competence in context of the fulfilment of statutory obligations and meeting the needs modern health service.
  • Develop a set of principles and recommendations on the agreed strategic direction of Professional Competence.
  • To work with partner organisations in Medical Council, HSE and Training Bodies to progress the effective development and delivery of a progressive model of professional competence.

Forum Quality and Safety Subcommittee

Remit & Function

The broad remit of the Forum Quality and Safety Committee is to facilitate co-operation and exchange of information between postgraduate training bodies in areas relevant to patient safety and quality of care.

Specifically, the function of the Quality and Safety Committee is to:

  • Develop common strategic policy and work to promote common goals as appropriate
  • Promote information sharing across training bodies
  • Support the development of standard procedures for the management and resolution of clinical performance issues and adverse incident investigations
  • Ensure the educational value of these processes and establish a robust mechanism to ensure their outputs is shared with named officers relevant training bodies for further dissemination
  • Encourage development of support structures for investigators and those subject to an investigation or a Medical Council complaint
  • Share information between the training bodies in relation to return to work guidelines within the training bodies ensuring alignment with existing employer and support structures
  • Facilitate a coordinated approach to interaction with the HSE, Medical Council, HIQA and other relevant organisations on matters related to Patient Safety and Quality of Care
  • Facilitate the development of standard curricula in Quality Improvement methodology and in Patient Safety within and between TB’s, and with reference to Health Service QI and Patient Safety initiatives

Forum Quality and Safety Subcommittee Members

Chair Prof G. Fitzpatrick
Forum Mr Jack O Flanagan
College of Anaesthesiologists Dr Deirdre McCoy
Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland Prof Sean Tierney
College of Psychiatrists of Ireland Dr Colette Halpin
College of Psychiatrists of Ireland Ms Miriam Silke
Irish College of General Practitioners Dr Diarmuid Quinlan
Faculty of Public Health Medicine Dr Caroline Mason Mohan
Faculty of Radiology Dr Peter Kavanagh
Faculty of Paediatrics Dr John Fitzsimons
Faculty of Pathology Dr Sine Phelan
Faculty of Occupational Medicine Dr Zakiah Amir
RCPI Ms Dervla Gray

Strategy advisory group

Mr Justin Brophy
Mr Martin Mc Cormack
Mr Ken Mealy
Ms Mary Doyle
Mr John Magner
Mr Jack O Flanagan

International Medical Graduate Training Initiative: Management & Operational Committee

The IMG Training Initiative was launched in June 2013 and is overseen and governed by the Health Service Executive National Doctors training and Planning Unit (HSE NDTP) and the postgraduate medical training bodies in Ireland on a collaborative basis through the Forum of Irish Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies. For this purpose, the HSE NDTP and the Forum will appoint a Joint IMGTI Management Committee and a Joint IMGTI Operational Committee.

Remit & Function of Joint Management Committee

The broad remit of the International Medical Graduate Training Initiative (IMGTI) Joint Management Committee is to manage and govern at a national level the International Medical Graduate (IMG) Training Initiative Programme.

  • Key Functions and role of the Joint Management Committee are:
  • Keep under review the policies and procedures underpinning the IMGTI Programme
  • Provide oversight of the organization and delivery of the IMGTI Programmes by the individual postgraduate training bodies
  • Develop an annual business plan to support the orderly implementation of the IMGTI Programme
  • Keep under review all aspects of the INMGTI Programme and identify opportunities for its development and roll out and prepare proposals for submission to the HSE NDTP and Forum
  • Receive and review reports on all relevant activities under the IMGTI Programme from participating postgraduate training bodies and submit reports to the HSE NDTP and Forum on a regular basis
  • Coordinate the preparation of an annual report of activities under the IMGTI programme for submission to the HSE NDTP and Forum

The Joint Management Committee shall meet at least two times per year

Remit & Function of Joint Operational Committee

The broad remit of the International Medical Graduate Training Initiative (IMGTI) Joint Operational Committee is to support the operational management at a national level the International Medical Graduate (IMG) Training Initiative Programme.

Key Functions and role of the Joint Operational Committee are:

  • Develop and keep under review administrative arrangements and documentation to support and manage all aspects of the administration and reporting of the IMGTI programme including advertising and promotion of the programme, information and guidance to sponsors and participants
  • Develop administrative processes and documentation to facilitate the timely and accurate notifications of nominations to the programme, status reports on participation and completions, applications for extension of training and other requirements as arise from time to time
  • To keep under review the annual business plan and timelines to support recruitment of participants to the programme
  • To facilitate the sharing of information, experience, best practice etc. between all stakeholders.
  • Prepare an annual report of activities under the IMGTI programme for submission to the Joint Management Committee

The Joint Operational Committee shall meet bi-monthly and at more regular intervals during the active recruitment cycle as determined by the Chair.

IMGTI Operational Committee

Forum Sinead Kelly
Forum Jack O Flanagan
HSE/NDTP Yvonne Mc Gowan
HSE/NDTP Anna Merrigan
Chair/RCSI Brenda Farrell
RCSI Jane Cunningham
RCSI Emma Earl
RCSI Claire Briant
RCSI Sean Hall
Radiology Karen Milling/ Jennifer O Brien
COA Jennie Shiels
RCPI Sinead Lucey
RCPI Dale Finnerty
RCPI Maria Golden
Psychiatry Miriam Silke
Ophthalmology Rebecca Martin
Clinical Lead Eilis Condon
MMP Martha Saba

IMGTI Management Committee

RCSI Kieran Ryan
Radiology Patricia Cunningham
Psychiatry Miriam Silke
RCPI Sheila Gallagher / Colm Small
CAI Martin Mc Cormack
ICO Siobhan Kelly
ICGP Fintan Foy
Medical Manpower Martha Saba
NDTP Yvonne McGowan / Anna Merrigan
Clinical Lead RCPI Cathy McHugh
Clinical Lead RCSI Oscar Traynor
Forum Jack O’Flanagan / Sinead Kelly

Global Health – Strategic Working Group


The Forum hosted a meeting on global health on 21 March 2018 which was attended by representatives from the Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies and Irish Aid. It was agreed that future discussions on collective action on matters and initiatives pertaining to Global Health could take place through the Forum.

The Forum subsequently agreed to convene a subcommittee which would provide an environment for collaboration as well as a focal point for linking with Irish Aid particularly in context of the new Government Policy for International Development. The new policy follows the Government’s commitment to substantially increase aid. Improving health and healthcare will continue to be priorities of the programme and Irish Aid will maintain a focus on health system development towards achieving universal health coverage. The Government is committed to working with Irish organisations to avail of the capacities needed to deliver a quality aid programme.

Many of the Irish postgraduate medical training bodies are engaged in global health initiatives and already contribute to improving health in low- and middle-income countries through medical training and upskilling of the medical workforce. Irish Aid recognises their practical approach and visible contribution through building strong institutions which improve access to quality health services. This complements Irish Aid’s high level policy engagement in its partner countries. Irish Aid also recognises the public’s trust in the medical profession and the value of the Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies in providing a ‘face’ and building public support for the aid programme.

It is therefore timely to take a critical look at the strategic direction in which Global Health initiatives by the postgraduate medical training bodies might be developed in the coming years.

Remit & Objectives

The objectives of the Forum Strategic Working Group will be to:

  • Share information on global health activities undertaken by Postgraduate Training Bodies.
  • Build on the global health activities of individual Postgraduate Training Bodies through synergistic collective action.
  • Foster coordination in education and training initiatives undertaken by the Postgraduate Training Bodies in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.
  • Strengthen the contribution of the Postgraduate Training Bodies to Ireland’s international development policy and through a unified approach in engagement with Irish Aid.
  • Strengthen relationships with key partner organisations including the HSE, Medical Council and Irish training bodies for nursing and other health and social care professions.

Global Health

Speciality / Area Name
Chair Mr David Weakliam
Forum Ms Sinead Kelly
Paediatrics Dr Ikechukwu Okafor
ICGP Dr John Morris/ Dr Brendan O Shea
RCPI Mr John Magner / Ms Danielle Prenderville
Public Health Dr Dermot O Donovan
Obs and Gynae Dr Meabh NI Bhuinneain
COA Mr Martin Mc Cormack/ Dr Patrick Seigne
RCSI Mr Eric O Flynn / Mr Kieran Ryan
NDTP NDTP Director Dr Brian Kinirons /Ms Sinead Mc Callion
Psychiatry Dr Hiberet Bilay
Trainee Dr Niamh Mc Carthy/ Dr Kristen Joyce
Emergency Medicine Dr Jean O Sullivan
IOM (institute of Medicine) Prof Frank Murray

Forum Health and Wellbeing Committee


The mission of the Forum Health & Wellbeing Committee is to promote and advance the culture of health and wellbeing for all doctors across all Irish medical training and professional bodies, and to encourage a common and consistent approach to training, education, and advocacy in the areas of health and wellbeing.

Remit & Function

The remit of the Forum Health & Wellbeing Committee is to facilitate cooperation, collaboration, research and exchange of information and initiatives relevant to doctors’ health and wellbeing between postgraduate training bodies.