The Forum seeks a Trainee representative to join the Global Health Committee.

The Forum hosted a meeting on global health on 21 March 2018 which was attended by representatives from the Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies and Irish Aid. It was agreed that future discussions on collective action on matters and initiatives pertaining to Global Health could take place through the Forum.

The Forum subsequently agreed to convene a subcommittee which would provide an environment for collaboration as well as a focal point for linking with Irish Aid particularly in context of the new Government Policy for International Development.  The new policy follows the Government’s commitment to substantially increase aid.  Improving health and healthcare will continue to be priorities of the programme and Irish Aid will maintain a focus on health system development towards achieving universal health coverage.  The Government is committed to working with Irish organisations to avail of the capacities needed to deliver a quality aid programme.

Many of the Irish postgraduate medical training bodies are engaged in global health initiatives and already contribute to improving health in low and middle income countries through medical training and upskilling of the medical workforce.  Irish Aid recognises their practical approach and visible contribution through building strong institutions which improve access to quality health services.  This complements Irish Aid’s high level policy engagement in its partner countries.   Irish Aid also recognises the public’s trust in the medical profession and the value of the Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies in providing a ‘face’ and building public support for the aid programme.

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